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Global Aviation Management

Certification Program (GAvM-CP)



Aviation Manager and newcomers to the aviation industry will focus on accountable management issues in the context of global aviation business. Participants will gain an overview and use frameworks to increase their efficiency in global aviation management.


The programe is ideal for participants from companies across the aviation industry and participants who wish to enter the aviation industry.


16 days
Anzahl ECTS Punkte
Functional Specialist
CHF 12'900
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St. Gallen, Switzerland and Singapore (1 Module)
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Flexibler Einstieg möglich


By focusing on management issues in context of aviation, participants will:

  • gain an overview and brush up of the system of aviation on a global scale
  • gain a brush up of responsibilities of accountable managers in aviation
  • learn to implement and conduct internal auditing
  • be able to implement lead the process ofrisk management
  • be able to implement and manage their safety management system
  • learn about quality management systems and how to efficiently apply them
  • receive a brush up on most important global and European regulations
  • learn how to deals with authorities
  • be introduced about certification process management
  • learn about cross cultural management with a focus on Asia

Ihr Nutzen

Equipped with an overview, frameworks and tools the participants will be able to lead, control and increase the efficiency of processes in global aviation management. They will be given a structure and tool to auditing their companies and be able to reduce risk by using the provided risk management framework. Furthermore, they know about crucial regulations and the impact on their business. Frameworks for quality and safety management help them to comply with the regulations. They will be able to influence and steer the company by applying their understanding of the global system of aviation and leadership skills.

Join the Alumni Network

You will have access to the aviation network of past participants of our programs and all instructors, as well as with your course-mates as most have their roots in Europe.


Aviation or aerospace industry experience and a bachelors or master degree are advantages, but not exclusively needed. At least two years of practical experience and good English written and spoken language skills are a precondition.


Our CAS Certification Program Global Aviation Management consists of four modules:

Module 2: International Management

18-21 June 2019 in Singapore
16-19 June 2020 in Singapore

Module 3: Safety & Security Management

4-6 September 2019, HSG Campus E, Congress Hotel Einstein St. Gallen
09-12 September 2020, HSG Campus E, Congress Hotel Einstein St. Gallen

Module 4: Auditing in Aviation

20 - 22 November 2019, HSG Campus E, Congress Hotel Einstein St. Gallen
18-20 November 2020, HSG Campus E, Congress Hotel Einstein St. Gallen

Module 1: Accountable Aviation Management

13-18 January 2020,  HSG Campus E, Congress Hotel Einstein St. Gallen

Inhalte & Faculty

Module 1: Accountable Aviation Management

  • Overview of the Aviation System
  • Overview of International Authorities and Organizations in Aviation
  • Overview and handling of National Authorities
  • Accountability, Duties and Responsibilities of the Accountable Manager
  • Labor Law in Aviation
  • Project Management in Aerospace
  • International Regulation
  • EASA Regulation
  • Corporate Governance in Aviation
  • Risk Management in Aviation
  • Leadership
  • Quality Management (frameworks and implementation)
  • Aviation Management Systems
  • Certification process management
  • Documents and requirements

Module 2: International Management (in Singapore)

  • Cross cultural management
  • Diversity management
  • Doing business in Asia

Module 3: Aviation Safety Management

  • Essential Basics and Limitations of Safety in Aviation
  • Fundamentals and Structure of Safety Management in Aviation
  • Business Benefits of Implementing a Safety Management System
  • Safety Culture
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Documentation CAO SMS Requirements for Operators, Maintenance Organizations, Air Traffic Service Providers and Aerodromes
  • EASA Management System Requirements (Part ORO)
  • Regulatory Oversight of the Aviation Industry: Regulatory Programs and Tools
  • Internal Control Systems
  • Production vs. Protection
  • Safety Risk Management: Hazard Identification and Implementation of Risk Controls
  • Reporting
  • Industry Code of Best Practice

Module 4: Auditing in Aviation

  • Introduction to quality and compliance management
  • Regulations of Management Systems (ISO/EASA)
  • Design and structure of EN ISO 19011
  • Auditing
  • Audit follow-up actions (evaluation, reporting)
  • Communication and behavior during the Audit
  • Audit-Software AMAS (Aviation Management Audit System)


Ihre Bewerbung

Early admission is encouraged and must be received at least eight weeks prior to the program start. Access is restricted to a limited number of participants from companies across the aviation industry an participants who wish to enter the aviation industry. The admission review committee accepts registrations according to the order of submission. To be considered for the program, aviation or aerospace industry experience and a bachelors or master degree is an advantage, but not exclusively needed. There are special rates for teams of the same organization or multiyear contracts. To apply please visit the applications form on

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Singapore Module 2018

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