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Global Air Transport Management DAS

Leading Diploma Program for the Aviation Industry



The ongoing liberalization of markets, rapid technological changes, digitalization and the establishment of new business models in aviation raise new questions related to theory and practice. Current and future developments in aviation are thereby shaped by the industry actors and structures, in short, the Aviation System.

To lead your company or department efficiently from a systemic management point of view, a deeper understanding of the industry and all actors on a global scale is essential for aviation managers. The diploma encompasses 12 courses, which will enable you to explore and analyze topics in-depth, ranging from aviation systems and revenue management to sustainability and change management.

You will become a trusted leader by gaining greater knowledge on the global aviation industry as a whole and the crucial regulations and their impact on business strategies and operations. Frameworks for quality & safety management, as well as for auditing processes will help you and your companies to comply with these regulations.

The Diploma of Advanced Studies is offered in cooperation between University of St. Gallen and International Air Transport Association. The program content is delivered by academic and industry leading lecturers from HSG and IATA.

Successful completion of DAS-GATM earns you 36 credits (ECTS), which can be partially applied and transferred to other university programs, including Executive MBA at HSG.


  • Executives & Accountable Managers
  • Key Account & Corporate Development Managers
  • Project Managers & Controllers 
  • Risk Managers, Auditors & Safety Managers
  • Cockpit & Cabin Crews transitioning into corporate roles
  • Regulators


42 days
Anzahl ECTS Punkte
Senior Manager
Functional Manager
Functional Specialist
$ 22'000
***ONLINE Version 2022***
We will offer all modules in a full online format, offering a reduction of $ 5'500 for all participants in 2022.
Total cost of Diploma program: $ 22'000 (instead of $ 27'500 classroom format)
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Flexibler Einstieg möglich


  • Describe the crucial regulations and their impact on business strategies and operations
  • Provide an overview of the global aviation system
  • Assess the impact of your strategic decisions and fine-tune your strategy and tactics continuously
  • Recognize and adopt leadership behaviors to sustain and build change capabilities
  • Track and monitor revenue management initiatives and policies

Ihr Nutzen

  • Generates insights about the aviation market, its competition, customers, suppliers and regulation on an international scale.

  • Delivered by seasoned lecturers, who also have successful careers in international business and pioneering research, and a unique aviation system lens.

  • Delivered in 3 key aviation centers: Switzerland, Canada, Singapore

  • Includes visits to aviation stakeholders (IATA, ACI, ICAO, OEMs, MROs, suppliers)

  • Capacities are built with respect to challenges in project, international, safety & security management as well business innovations, operations, human factors and change management.

  • Frameworks for quality and safety management as well as for auditing processes will help you and your organization comply with regulations.

  • Risk management framework for reducing risks faced by the industry and preparing for an ever-changing ecosystem.

  • Includes courses with simulation programs and real cases, including workshop-style discussions

  • Course mates working in your industry.

  • Access to the renowned network of former graduates of CFAC, University of St. Gallen (conditions apply) and IATA programs, instructors as well as course mates.

  • 36 ECTS, partially transferable to university programs (Executive School).



  • You should have a minimum of 3 years of working experience
  • University degree
  • Responsibility for company / division / department / product / service / process
  • Affiliation with the Civil Aviation industry (Airlines, Airports, Ground Handling, Supply Chain, Association, Services)
  • Written and spoken English proficiency
  • Ability to travel to Switzerland, Canada and Singapore


Global Air Transport Management consists of 12 modules:

  1. Aviation Systems and Accountable Management (St. Gallen)
  2. Integrated Management and Organization (St. Gallen)
  3. Strategy and Business Models (St. Gallen)
  4. Environment and Sustainability (Geneva)
  5. Change Management with Interactive Simulation (Online)
  6. Revenue Management and Pricing with Simulation (Montréal)
  7. Airline Cost-efficiency Practices and Value-add Strategies (Montréal)
  8. Network, Fleet and Schedule Planning (Montréal)
  9. Airline Business Models and Competitive Strategies: Virtual Simulation Program (Online)
  10. Leadership Development (Singapore)
  11. International Negotiation Skills (St. Gallen)
  12. Risk Management and Safety (St. Gallen)

And one transfer paper:

  1. Choose a topic from the modules' catalogue
  2. Apply to your business environment
  3. Address a real-case business problem
  4. Make your paper an insightful and impactful project

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