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The MBA programme at the University of St.Gallen focuses on two skillsets: problem-solving and communication. We design and deliver the programme for the Germany, Austria and Switzerland region. There are the two skillsets which employers in the region see as a value-add from an MBA. We help people who are already prospective high potentials in the region by giving them the tools to become truly sophisticated long-term leadership candidates in this employment market.

Problem-solving: The programme emphasises numeracy in problem-solving. Our courses are data-driven. It also builds on the University’s tradition of integrating knowledge across siloes. Multiple aspects of the curriculum are designed to achieve this, including the Integration Phase, Learning Assessment Week and the Project Phase.

Communication: Employers regularly state they expect MBAs to be highly polished communicators. We work on all aspects of communication. Workshops directly address topics such as body language, slide design and structuring arguments. Learning is put into action on an ongoing basis through oral examinations, group work and corporate interactions.


Our Part-time Class of 2022 has an average of 6 years of work experience and is 30 years old


2 Years
Anzahl ECTS Punkte
High Potential
MBA / Executive Master / MAS
CHF 70,000
Early enrolment discount of CHF 7,500 and a 5% early payment discount on fees are made available each year. Details are on our website.
St. Gallen and Zurich
Einzelmodul buchbar
Flexibler Einstieg möglich


1. Bachelor's Degree

You are required to hold a degree from a recognised university or accepted institution of higher education. Please contact a member of our Talent Acquisition Team for more information on whether your degree is from a recognised university.

2. GMAT, GRE, Admissions Test and Test Waivers

Applicants for the Part-time MBA programme are required to demonstrate their numerical, grammatical and critical thinking abilities. This can be done in one of the following three ways:

a. Submit a competitive GMAT or GRE score no older than five years (no minimum score)
b. Complete our MBA admissions test with a minimum score of 80%
c. Hold one or more of the following qualifications: PhD, CFA Level 2, CPA, or a similar qualification assessed on a case-by-case basis

Please feel free to contact a member of our Talent Acquisition Team to learn more about your options. If you plan to take the GMAT, but haven't yet, you can also contact them for more information about our GMAT preparation courses in Zurich. 

To submit a GMAT or GRE score, please use the following school codes for the University of St.Gallen MBA:

GRE: 0413

3. Fluency in English

Evidence of English fluency must be provided in order to gain acceptance to our programmes, as all coursework, lectures, guest speaking events and academic material is conducted in English. If you have completed another degree in English, this would be considered. For evidence via language proficiency testing, we accept TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Certificate and PTE Academic.

Institution Code TOEFL: 0198

4. Work Experience

A minimum of three years full-time post-Bachelor degree work experience is required, with at least four years of work experience recommended.

5. Speak with our Talent Acquisition Team

Before submitting your application, we strongly encourage you to contact a member of our Talent Acquisition Team to learn more about whether our programme matches your MBA goals. 

Weitere Informationen

Warum HSG?

Mit einer Weiterbildung an der Universität St.Gallen (HSG), einer der führenden Wirtschaftsuniversitäten Europas, schaffen Sie sich die besten Voraussetzungen für Ihre Zukunft. Die HSG ist mehr als ein Lernplatz, sie ist ein Ort der Inspiration, der Sie zum Denken anregt. Sie eignen sich aktuelles Wissen von hoher Praxisrelevanz an und gewinnen wertvolle Erkenntnisse. Dadurch sind Sie in der Lage, einen wichtigen Beitrag zur gesellschaftlichen, wirtschaftlichen und zu Ihrer persönlichen Entwicklung zu leisten. "From insight to impact" ist nicht nur unsere Botschaft, es ist ein Versprechen, an dem wir uns messen lassen.

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