Digitalisierung & Transformation

Corporate Open Program: Digital Readiness for Senior Business Leaders - online learning journey

How senior leaders can become more decisive in a digital world



You are entering into a fascinating learning journey based on a holistic technology approach. You will be discussing ethical dilemmas and competitive advantages with representatives from a reputed economic and business editing office. Explore AI in action at Watson IoT Centre, learn 'data security thinking' from hacking sessions with Israeli experts. Moreover, you will experience data-driven organisations and get insights into how they capture value from their data infrastructure. Learn more about productivity and new value creation at leading companies, gain virtual collaboration and team-building skills, experience new ways of working and a lot more.

  • We have developed an initiative which conveys a genuinely holistic perspective on digital readiness for Senior Business Leaders with a non-TECH background.
  • Relevant digitalisation/tech topics are devised and presented from a project-perspective or the viewpoint of a decision-maker
  • Our practitioner-oriented format answers the 'why,' 'what,' and 'how' of digital transformation, highlighting the leadership role you need to play as a business person.
  • Geographically, the programme goes beyond Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Along with business journalists, we explore digitalisation and other drivers, e.g. in China, India, Singapore, Israel, the US and the Arab world, and further regions.
  • Given your limited availability, learning takes place through various channels and formats such as synchronous online sessions, podcasts, readers, and video streams.
  • Between the building blocks, you will use the most effective communication instruments such as video, collaboration platforms etc.
  • With every topic, we connect you with leaders and companies who have already successfully implemented the issue "from end-to-end".
  • Tutors are available for you at any time during the pre-phase (with a maximum reaction time of 48 hours) as well as during the attendance phase.
  • Transfer with impact: Get ready for your next career step - execute your individual digital readiness company analysis and discuss it with top leaders in your organisation.
  • The closing event will be with relevant stakeholders from your organisation to create digital momentum in your company (depending on COVID-19)
  • Our custom unit (in-house programme) can help your key stakeholders effectively follow the programme


As C-Level, Senior Business Development/Senior Innovation Responsible, Divisional or Business Head, you are precisely the right target group.


5 Building Blocks | >10 days without preparation, transfer & technological company assessment paper
Anzahl ECTS Punkte
Höhere Führungskraft
CHF 33'500
Pricing provides for Company Impact: Assessment Process - Evaluate the current digital readiness of your company as well as the future potential; Individual Impact: Intergenerational Learning Tandem of two people
Full distance online learning journey
Einzelmodul buchbar
Flexibler Einstieg möglich


Learn to deal with:

  • Digital value creation patterns
  • Cloud & security challenges
  • Decentralised architectures for data and trust
  • Big Data, Data Engineering and Data Science
  • Machine learning & artificial intelligence
  • Other innovative TECH topics

These topics are closely interrelated and demonstrate how you can contribute significantly to strategic development.

Ihr Nutzen

Learn how to speak and make decisions in TECH!

Assess your current company status: Prepare your company analysis in terms of your technological possibilities. Output: An executive summary for your executive committee - your individual and organisational development boost! 


Please consider: the digital readiness initiative only accepts applications of teams - a senior leader together with an employee from your IT organisation (intergenerational tandem learning in teams of two)


Block I: Start with WHY – changes via TECH/digitalisation
Block II: Technological backbone – Cloud infrastructure & security
Block III: Decentralization, ecosystems and trust – Distributed ledgers, smart contracting and the decentralized (data) future
Block IV: Automated Value Creation – Artificial intelligence & machine learning
Block V: New Value Creation – Applications based on combinations of cloud, blockchain and machine learning

Inhalte & Faculty

Core faculty, core-team and many further ecosystem partners of our Digital Readiness initiative:

  • Christian Keller, GM IBM Switzerland
  • Eddi Gaehwiler, IBM Enterprise Switzerland
  • Nicole Ongetta, Digital Business Automation Specialist & further proven IBM experts
  • Prof. Dr. Jan-Marco Leimeister, Full Professor Information Management University of St.Gallen
  • Dr. Philipp Ebel, Post Doc Institute of Information Management University of St.Gallen
  • Christian Sauerbrey, Director of Corporate Programs University of St. Gallen
  • Prof. Dr. Winfried Ruigrok, Dean of the Executive School of Management, Technology & Law
  • Dr. Markus Frank, Head of Custom Programs ES-HSG

Many further ecosystem partners from all over the world will provide highly relevant insights.

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The next two years will show which companies emerge stronger from the crisis and have realised competitive advantages through digitisation. Top managers know this and react to the immense cost pressure. In the data age, technological competence is expected of them just as much as they have to master the basics of business administration - only that the former was not part of their formal education. Here our «digital readiness initiative» comes in.
Winfried Ruigrok
Prof. Dr. Winfried Ruigrok
Dean der ES-HSG
Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Blockchain are basic technologies to master the transformation to a 'Cognitive Enterprise' successfully and to be prepared for the challenges of the future. Only those who can correctly assess the possibilities of the technologies and their implications will be able to make the best possible decisions for their company.
Christian Keller
Dr. Christian Keller
General Manager IBM Schweiz

Warum HSG?

Mit einer Weiterbildung an der Universität St.Gallen (HSG), einer der führenden Wirtschaftsuniversitäten Europas, schaffen Sie sich die besten Voraussetzungen für Ihre Zukunft. Die HSG ist mehr als ein Lernplatz, sie ist ein Ort der Inspiration, der Sie zum Denken anregt. Sie eignen sich aktuelles Wissen von hoher Praxisrelevanz an und gewinnen wertvolle Erkenntnisse. Dadurch sind Sie in der Lage, einen wichtigen Beitrag zur gesellschaftlichen, wirtschaftlichen und zu Ihrer persönlichen Entwicklung zu leisten. "From insight to impact" ist nicht nur unsere Botschaft, es ist ein Versprechen, an dem wir uns messen lassen.

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