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Building the foundation for tomorrow’s skills



Upskilling@HSG provides individuals with the fundamental skills to successfully navigate and drive the future of work​.

How prepared are individuals for the future of work? Do tomorrow’s leaders know what skills they will need to lead themselves and others? Are they developing those skills today?

Upskilling@HSG is a two-week, two-hour per day, innovative online programme aimed at providing today’s and tomorrow’s leaders with the fundamental cognitive, interpersonal, digital and self-leadership skills needed for the future of work.

The programme is based on various studies including a McKinsey study that has identified a set of 56 foundational skills that will allow people to add value beyond what automation offers, operate in a digital environment and adapt continually to new ways of working and occupations.

Participants gain a solid overview of the skills within these four key areas while developing tools and strategies to effectively apply the skills as they lead themselves and others. Participants will also have the opportunity to reflect on and implement the new skills in peer group interaction with other programme participants.

Upskilling@HSG also serves as a springboard for upcoming programmes designed to dive deeper into the various themes and skills.

Start preparing for tomorrow, today!

Based on: McKinsey study


  • Lower and middle management across industries 
  • All individuals seeking to prepare themselves today for the skills needed tomorrow

Programme start postponed from June to October - detailed module data to follow soon


2 Weeks
Anzahl ECTS Punkte
CHF 1,900
Discount for organizations:
minimum of 5 participants: CHF 1,710 per participant
minimum of 10 participants: CHF 1,615 per participant
Einzelmodul buchbar
Flexibler Einstieg möglich


  • Gain a solid overview of 4 broad categories of the fundamental skills for tomorrow from HSG faculty and industry experts
  • Identify and develop cognitive, self-leadership, interpersonal and digital skills
  • Develop tools and strategies to effectively apply the skills as you lead yourself and others
  • Reflect on and implement the skills in peer group interaction with programme participants
  • Build the foundation for further development of these and other fundamental future skills

Ihr Nutzen

  • Concise, compact, conveniently accessible programme led by HSG lecturers and industry experts
  • Broad, fundamental range of themes provides participants with a solid foundation of future skills
  • Provides the background for upcoming in-depth, thematic programmes based on the various themes
  • Highly customizable to allow for target group adaptability and tailored design
  • Thematic modules can be booked individually 


  • Thematic, 2-week, 2-hour per module programme conducted online by HSG lecturers and industry experts
  • The module on 28 June 2022 will be conducted in St.Gallen and online. Participation onsite is optional and will conclude with an apéro at the University of St.Gallen Executive School Weiterbildungszentrum
  • Modules can be booked individually or as packages at career-relaunch.ch 
    • 1 Module = CHF 600
    • Package of 2 modules = CHF 1100 
    • Package of 3 modules = CHF 1500


Inhalte & Faculty

Upskilling@HSG Learning Journey

Theme 1: Cognitive Skills

Critical thinking & decision making under ambiguity

Lisa Christen

We know one truth for certain in the future of work: virtually every decision you take will be made facing ambiguity.  But how can you critically analyze a decision when you don't have the data you need -- or worse, you don't even have clarity on the end goal? 

Learning Objectives

  • Stop wasting time putting off decisions until you're "certain"
  • Structure your thinking to create clarity in ambiguous situations
  • Pivot when a decision is not achieving the results you're looking for
  • Learn how to be okay with - and even embrace - ambiguity


Effective listening & storytelling

David O'Connor

Storytelling is the one form of communication that hits all the senses. This fast-paced workshop delves into the how of crafting and delivering a good story. Not the Ted Talk type but the type delivered in team meetings or over a casual lunch. With the skill of effective listening, we re-learn how to read information between the lines and the art of diving that little bit deeper to what is really being said. This impactful session is based on ‘authenticity’ and could potentially set the stage for how you deliver inspiring stories in the future. We promise a safe environment to explore these themes together.  

Learning Objectives

  • Capture the essence and business relevance of storytelling
  • Explore the embodiment of effective listening and deliberate story telling  
  • Within a safe environment, revisit how to craft and share an appealing story


Theme 2: Interpersonal Skills

Teamwork effectiveness: motivating different personalities

Dr. Stephanie Schoss

Teamwork is the new normal for many in a modern work setting. A great team gets even better through complementary skills, experiences and also personalities. However, the diversity that makes your team great in the first place, could eventually lead to fatal conflicts if not managed carefully. Leading teams to performance (no matter if physical, virtual or hybrid) requires excellent skills in understanding and motivating different personalities that make your team great. In this module you will build exactly these skills to understand and motivate different personalities to lead a unique and effective team.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand different personalities and their best contribution to team success 
  • Learn about intrinsic person-job fit 
  • Become aware of your role as a team leader 


Developing relationships: the art of networking

Dr. Patricia Widmer

Developing relationships and networking is a key factor in professional success. In this module you will gain new insights into networking as a two-way street and why it is worth considering some basic factors. It will also allow provide you with an overview of important stakeholders within your network.

Learning Objectives

  • Become familiar with the purpose and power of networking
  • Learn how to build fruitful and inspiring relationships
  • Explore new ways of networking (online and offline) and how to cultivate your network


Theme 3: Digital Skills

Artificial intelligence & algorithmic thinking

Dr. Léa Steinacker

This module sheds light on the underlying logic of algorithmic systems and the multifaceted history, diverse use cases, and manifold implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a ground-breaking set of technologies. It includes discussion on the functionalities of machine learning, the meaning of bias, and other ethical considerations. The module will equip you with the concept of "code capital", a framework that enables you to better understand and evaluate how AI applications are changing business and leadership, its relevance for numerous sectors, and how you can actively shape its potential. 

Learning Objectives

  • Grasp the basic logic of algorithmic thinking 
  • Understand the central applications of AI in business, politics, and social life 
  • Assess the contributing factors of an AI system's potential impact  


Data analysis & statistics

Prof. Dr. Georg Guttmann

Businesses of all sizes increasingly rely on (big) data to drive better business decisions. Business analytics has evolved from a task delegated to non-business technical specialists towards an essential building block of strategic management. Hence, strong data literacy and analytical aptitude are becoming fundamental features of the future manager. This session will convey key skills required to performing relevant data analysis, communicating results effectively and deriving actionable conclusions for strategic business decisions.

Learning Objectives

  • Sharpening the ability to examine and interpret different data sources, decide on applicable analytical approaches and to evaluate initial findings;
  • Learning about best practices in data communication; and
  • Implementing visual analytics in order to present managerial insight and derive actionable conclusions from large-scale datasets.


Theme 4: Self-Leadership Skills

Entrepreneurial mindset & taking ownership

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grichnik

Entrepreneurs not only rock the startup scene, they actually have quite a bit in common with real rock stars. Are the sense of purpose and urgently needed technological competence for solving the most pressing problems of our time falling by the wayside? Join us on an exciting journey into the dazzling world of entrepreneurs.

Learning Objectives

  • Entrepreneurial mindset: You will learn how to master uncertainty with the decision-making patterns of innovative and successful entrepreneurs.
  • Entrepreneurial action: You will grasp the phenomenon of entrepreneurship by taking ownership and controlling the future instead of planning it.
  • Entrepreneurial context: You will know how to apply the entrepreneurial method to your specific context in a new or established organization.

The overall notion: Entrepreneurs are rock stars in times of crisis and more than just pop culture!


Self-control & regulation –leading yourself and others

Deborah Küttemann 

In a time of permanent changes, disruptive transformation and dramatic structural challenges how shall I act as a leader? How do I welcome uncertainties, integrate emotional upheavals -both mine and others’- and control impulsivity while staying focused, balanced, flexible and confident?

Understanding and leading oneself is a pre-requisite for leading others. This Self-Leadership module on Self-control and Regulation offers an introduction to Emotional Intelligence and « Presencing ». This is a space for reflection and testing some powerful tools coming from awareness-based practices.

Learning Objectives

  • Get familiar with the role of emotions and your own emotional patterns
  • Build personalised strategies and tools to build self-control and regulation 
  • Deepen your practice to increase your leadership presence

Weitere Informationen

Warum HSG?

Mit einer Weiterbildung an der Universität St.Gallen (HSG), einer der führenden Wirtschaftsuniversitäten Europas, schaffen Sie sich die besten Voraussetzungen für Ihre Zukunft. Die HSG ist mehr als ein Lernplatz, sie ist ein Ort der Inspiration, der Sie zum Denken anregt. Sie eignen sich aktuelles Wissen von hoher Praxisrelevanz an und gewinnen wertvolle Erkenntnisse. Dadurch sind Sie in der Lage, einen wichtigen Beitrag zur gesellschaftlichen, wirtschaftlichen und zu Ihrer persönlichen Entwicklung zu leisten. "From insight to impact" ist nicht nur unsere Botschaft, es ist ein Versprechen, an dem wir uns messen lassen.

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