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                                       Impact Initiatives

Amcor: Lead to outperform
Orion: Excel in Uncertainty
HSG Insights: Homeoffice
Our Offering
Strategy Development and Execution

Cross Functional Development and Execution of the Strategy


Strategy Development Setup e.g. Consolidation of Country Strategies

Focus & identify Gaps 

Strategy on a Page Workshop

Coaching through the Process

Creating new Business Models

New Business Models through Tech. Convergence


Understand Business Model Innovation and Technology Convergence 

Experiment and Prototype new Business Models collaborating with Institutes 

Coaching & Validating via Pitching new Business Models

business model
Go to Market

Go to Market across several Countries (Tech Company)


Bring a product to the field

Spotting of Innovation, Creation & Evaluation, MVP & Solution Testing, Marketing & Roll Out

Market Research on Solutions and Testing Solution, Onboarding of employees, Validating via Pitching New Business Models

Culture & Hybrid Working

Collaboration or effective Performance


Linking Company Culture Development in the Virtual Space with the Onboarding of Employees on new Platforms e.g. Mural

Market Research on Solutions, Concept, Feasibility Test, Creating Solutions, Testing Solutions, Onboarding of Employees: Intro videos

Business Impact

OUTCOME: Your people and organization are aligned in the capabilities, behavior and mindset to shift and execute on the new collaboratively.

  • Learning for business outcomes 

  • Learning re behavioral change and culture

  • Learning re process and technology change

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