"Digital Leadership & Transformation. Between Speed and the Acceleration Trap" with Prof. Heike Bruch

A webinar as part of the Executive School's Digital Week.

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90% of today’s companies are undergoing a fundamental change process - the new work transformation. Driven by trends like digitalization, individualization, and increasing diversity the new work transformation is characterized by heightened speed and new forms of working like fluid structures, virtual teams, and cooperation in networks. These change processes present organizational leadership and culture with a great challenge that is only mastered by 6% of all companies. Despite great efforts, the majority of companies remain stuck in traditional forms of working, or are overwhelmed by the new world of work.

In this live webinar, Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch (Director of the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management) will explain why the proportion of successful companies, the so called “successful pioneers”, is so small and what sets them apart from the remaining organizations. Prof. Bruch will elaborate on critical success conditions like purpose-oriented leadership and a culture of trust, and she will explain how companies can operate at a high level of speed without becoming overly energetic and falling victim of the acceleration trap.

The webinar will take place in English. Registration is free, please register below.

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