Leading High Performance Teams - Virtual Info Session

Info session with Prof. Winfried Ruigrok: Understanding the Building Blocks of Successful Physical and Virtual Teams

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Due to Covid-19, professionals have become a member of several virtual teams. The experiences have been mixed.  This information session will explain how virtual team leaders may use effective tools for measuring and improving virtual team performance.

After a short input on the topic by Prof. Winfried Ruigrok, Dean at the Executive School and Director at the University's Research Institute of International Management, he will give a short overview of the programme and answer all questions you may have.

Designed as a hands-on course, the "Leading High-Performance Teams in the Digital Age" course will give you effective tools for understanding and improving your team’s performance. The programme will be delivered in weekly online sessions over 7 weeks starting February 9th, 2020

Find out more about the programme at https://www.es.unisg.ch/en/programme/leading-high-performance-teams-digital-age


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