Webinar "Solving unsolvable problems with design thinking: Best-practices from industry"

HSG Spotlight Webinar with Dr. Rachel Brooks and Jennifer Hehn

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In today's business environment, uncertainty dominates. Leaders find themselves facing seemingly unsolvable problems. We keep hearing that design thinking and other agile approaches can jump-start innovation and help leaders drive their organizations forward, but how, specifically, do they do this?

In this live webinar, Dr. Rachel Brooks and Jennifer Hehn show you how multinational companies have used human centred approaches and tools to tackle challenges of enormous complexity, resulting in creative and customer-oriented solutions. They outline steps you can take to step up your organization's innovative potential tomorrow. After the 20-minute presentation, there will be an interactive Q&A session to discuss your questions.

The webinar will take place in English.
Participation is free of charge. Please register below.

The webinar is part of the HSG Spotlight series in cooperation with HSG Alumni.

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