"Career Relaunch" against shortage of skilled workers

On Tuesday, 22 October, the Executive School of the University of St. Gallen launched the first "Career Relaunch" on the subject of career re-entry. With almost 200 participants and many well-known companies, the event was a complete success.
Relaxing atmosphere in the presentation hall


The "Career Relaunch" is intended to serve as a dialogue platform for career re-entrants and thus make a contribution to solving the shortage of skilled workers on the Swiss labour market. Companies such as Ikea, Novartis and UBS presented creative solutions and recruited skilled men and women with rough edges in their CV through targeted re-entry programs. The shortage of skilled workers in Switzerland is a highly discussed topic, and potential re-entrants in particular often find it difficult to regain a foothold in the labor market after a long gap in their CV. The launch of the "Career Relaunch" catches the spirit of the age.


Patricia Widmer, Head of the Women Back to Business programme and the event's main executive, commented: "We are delighted to have received such a broad response to this unique event in Switzerland. There is great interest in exchanging views on the challenges facing the Swiss labour market and finding viable solutions for companies and people returning to the job market. I am particularly looking forward to working with the Avenir Group next year. Together, we will label companies that show themselves to be progressive recruiters and consider job seekers with rough edges in their CV for open positions."


This next event with the Avenir Group will take place in autumn 2020.


Further information

Press release (german): Medienmitteilung_Career_Relaunch_25102019.pdf

Post on CNN Money Switzerland: https://www.cnnmoney.ch/shows/big-picture/videos/getting-back-career-game

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