Management Development Programme for METROHM AG

The preparations for a three-year long General Management development programme have been under way since February. It is designed to meet the needs of business managers in the European sales branches of Metrohm AG.
Metrohm Headquarters

Metrohm AG, one of the world's largest manufacturers of high precision instruments for chemical analytics, has set itself the task of professionalising management work in the context of organisational development and business administration. Over the course of a nine-part training series, the Metrohm country managers will be working on a wide range of issues well into 2020. In so doing, they must strike a balance between business-driven "hard" factors, purely organisational development and self-reflection.

The programme will kick off in September 2017 with an "Understanding the bigger picture" module focusing on the current trends, scenarios, decision parameters and ecosystems that will lead the way for Metrohm in the future. Subsequently, the participants will be working on subjects such as "Top team collaboration", "Leadership in a VUCA world" and "Growth in ambidextrous organisations" to ensure that European branch managers are best equipped for the challenges of the future. The first four modules are accompanied by project development of company relevant initiatives, already launched in the first module, which will be worked on in three transnational teams and remotely coached by an HSG lecturer.

At the end of 2018, Metrohm and ES-HSG will be jointly evaluating the results of the "impact journeys" via the project results and reflection on the already conveyed content. Against the background of any new priorities which may arise, the modules already planned for 2019 and 2020 will then be checked and re-sequenced. This creates a "live", jointly developed, highly bespoke programme for the European leadership team at Metrohm.


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Image Source: Metrohm AG

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