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Your Digital Week- a Tour d'Horizon

A great many business activities could be maintained in the Corona year - thanks to the digital possibilities. Executive education programmes at the University of St.Gallen switched to online teaching and opened up new opportunities. Digitalisation received even more impact last year. Reason enough to take up the topic again in the third webinar week of the Executive School of the University of St.Gallen and to dare a look back and into the future. What have we achieved in the Corona year? Where is the digital journey leading us, and what influence does digitalisation have in the various sectors? Finally, the question remains: how can we optimally use our digital tools in our daily work?

From 12th to 16th April 2021, we highlighted specific facets of digital transformation and how it impacts your business with the third edition of the Executive School’s webinar week. Get first-hand research insights, tools and best practices from the top faculty of the University of St.Gallen and discuss your questions with our professors in the nine live online sessions. 

You will find below our list of webinars. Check back regularly, as we will update some more information by the end of March. The online sessions include a 20-25 minute presentation followed by a live Q&A session. 

Check out last the recordings through our YouTube playlist below.

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Digital Innovation
Webinar Overview
Social Impact
"Leveraging Technology for Social Impact" with Dr. Rachel Brooks & Inés Burrus
12 April 2021; 10:00 h. The most urgent challenges of the modern era are characterized by extreme complexity and are situated between sectors. This webinar looks at what systems innovation for sustainability–or social innovation–looks like in practice, and how technology can help
Gender Mobility
"Gender and Mobility" with Ines Kawgan-Kagan
12 April 2021; 15:00 h. Evidence of the gender mobility gap will be presented, whereby we will also address the problem of gender-equitable data sets. Finally, we consider which approaches can be used to plan and design transport and mobility in a gender-sensitive way.
Security Management
"Leadership Roles in Security Management" with Samir Aliyev
13 April 2021; 10:00 h. Cyber threat is present across many Swiss companies today. In this webinar, we will talk about the main challenges and outcomes of the role of leaders in cybersecurity.
Secure and Private Computing
"Secure and private computing?" with Prof. Katerina Mitrokotsa
13 April 2021: 15:00 h. We discuss the problem of outsourcing computations from IoT devices to untrusted cloud servers and present possible solutions as well as the main challenges in order to provide strong security and privacy guarantees.
Project Assessment with AI
“AI for Project Assessment” with Dr. Philipp Ebel
14. April 2021; 11:00 h. We look at the reasons for the failure of digital initiatives and outlines what companies need to consider in order to improve their decision quality when evaluating potential projects.
AI and Recruiting
"The “Virtual Career Advisor“– a digital recipe to overcome traditional recruiting" with Prof. Dr. Gudrun Sander & Matthias Bommatter
15 April 2021 ; 10:00 h. Is the way you recruit still up to date? How do you ensure a diverse selection of talent when you fill a position internally?
Human and Machine Performance
"Human and Machine Team Performance by Design" with Chantelle Brandt Larsen & Laurent Lefouet
15 April 2021, 15:00 h. How to design for human-led change and augmented team performance.
Smart Mobility Revolution
"Smart Mobility Revolution driven by …?" with Dr. Hans-Peter Kleebinder & Lukas Neckermann
16 April 2021, 10:00 h. This webinar will take you into the future of our mobility considering the following aspects: Mobility from the user’s perspective. The new mobility ecosystem. New players for a new industry. Mobility as a Service.
Future of Health
"The Future of Health: How Digitalization will Transform our Healthcare Systems" with Annette Mönninghoff und Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann
16 April 2021, 15:00 h; Which opportunities does digitalization bring to the table? Will digital therapies replace doctors and how will pharmaceutical companies need to rethink their business models? This webinar takes you into the future of our healthcare system.
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