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Your Digital Week- a Tour d'Horizon

Almost a year after the first Executive School Digital Week, the topic of digitisation is still hot off the press. It creates innovation, it disrupts what already exists and changes the way we do business. It permeates all areas of our business from operations to HR. It influences the way we manage, how we collaborate, interact with our clients and deal with legal issues. It challenges the very foundations of our business model.

From March 2 to March 5 2020, the second edition of the Executive School’s webinar week highlights specific facets of digital transformation and how it impacts your business. Get first hand research insights, tools and best practices from top faculty of the University of St.Gallen and discuss your questions with our professors in the seven live online sessions.

You will find below our list of webinars. At the moment it is not yet complete and will be updated by the end of February. The online sessions include a 20-25 minute presentation followed by a live question and answer session. Under the following link you can view the recordings of the last year.


Connected worlds.
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Webinar Overview

Choose the topics most relevant to your challenges. All sessions take place online and the times are given in CET. You can register for as many sessions as you like. You will receive the link to the recording even if you cannot take part in the live session as long as you register.

"Can AI understand humans" with Prof. Siegfried Handschuh
2 March 2020; 12:30 h. This webinar will focus on the progress of artificial intelligence on the way to understanding natural language. AI can now analyse vast amounts of text, extract the most critical information, automatically translate and summarise texts, and even create intelligent chatbots
"Cyber Security in the Digitalization era" with Samir Aliyev, LL.M. and Daniel Seiler (Security Policy FDFA)
2 March 2020; 17:00 h. In this Webinar, Samir Aliyev, talks on the current and most important cybersecurity threats for your business-critical systems, networks, data in the private and public sectors. . You will get practical takeaways to ensure security in your daily business.
"Realising Digitalisation's Full Potential with Design Thinking" with Prof. Dr. Falk Übernickel
3 March 2020; 12:30 h.
"What must managers know about business analytics?" with Prof. Ivo Blohm
3 March 2020: 17:00 h.
“Multihanded Organizations and the Digital Age - Insights from the Insurance Industry” with Prof. Dr. Alexander Braun
4 March 2020; 12:30 h. In this Webinar you will be introduced to the concept of the multihanded organization as a means to tackle the challenges posed by the digital transformation. We use the insurance industry as a case example.
“Recruiting in the digital age - How to attract a wider talent pool" with Patricia Widmer and Nadia Fischer
4 March 2020; 17:00 h. We show you why the language that is normally used in job ads actually deters women and people with diverse backgrounds from applying. In addition we talk about how algorithms can increase unconscious biases and stereotypes and how to avoid these pitfalls.
"Smart Mobility" with Prof. Andreas Herrmann
March 5 2020; 12:30 h. The mobility industry is about to change substantially. The value chain will be disrupted and new players are ready to enter the market. How can new mobility improve our lives?
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