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Your Digital Week- a Tour d'Horizon

Digitalisation is a fact. It creates, it disrupts, it changes the way we do business: from operations, the way we lead and collaborate, interact with our customers, deal with legal matters to the very nature of our business model.

From June 17 to June 20 2019, the Executive School’s webinar week highlights specific facets of digitalization and how it impacts your business. Get first hand research insights, tools and best practices from top faculty of the University of St.Gallen and discuss your questions with our professors in the seven live online sessions.

See below for our list of webinars.


Tornado in a lightbulb
Tornado in a lightbulb. Digitalisierung. Disruption, Innovation. Bild: Istock
Webinar Overview

Choose the topics most relevant to your challenges. All sessions take place online and the times are given in CEST. You can register for as many sessions as you like.

"Building Meaningful Digital Marketing Strategies" with Prof. Marcus Schögel
17 June 2019; 12:30 h. We present the “St. Gallen Digital Marketing Framework”, developed by Marcus Schögel and his team as the basis for building meaningful digital marketing strategies.
"Legal Tech more than a hype?" With Prof. Leo Staub and Gerard Neiditsch
17 June 2019; 17:00 h. will discuss the likely impact of LegalTech and the benefits of Legal Tech knowledge for lawyers and others involved in management and technology at law firms and inhouse legal teams.
"Digital Leadership & Transformation. Between Speed and the Acceleration Trap" with Prof. Heike Bruch
18 June 2019; 12:30 h. The webinar looks at why the proportion of successful companies is so small and what sets them apart from the remaining organizations. Prof. Bruch will elaborate on critical success conditions like purpose-oriented leadership and a culture of trust.
"From Digitization to Ecosystems?" with Prof. Reinhard Jung
18 June 2019: 17:00 h. The webinar highlights both concepts, digital transformation and ecosystems, and elaborates on prerequisites for business success.
"How to Build a Data-Driven Organization" with Prof. Ivo Blohm
19 June 2019; 12:30 h. The webinar will provide a short overview of the business potentials of Big Data and AI, the building blocks for creating a data-driven organization and the associated transformation process.
"Manager vs. Techie. A look into a Machine Learning Garage" with Prof. Johannes Binswanger
20 June 2019; 12:30 h. The webinar demonstrates how Managers and Techs can better understand each other in relation to AI/ML projects.
"Teams: The Organisation Paradigm for the 21st Century" with Prof. Winfried Ruigrok
June 20 2019, 2019; 17:00 h. The webinar identifies the key drivers and barriers to implementing teams successfully.
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