St.Gallen Executive Education Report (SEER)

Executive Summary

Nine out of ten companies report that executive learning and development (L&D) is among the primary drivers of long-term organisational success. However, only two out of ten respondents are satisfied with the state of executive L&D in their own organisation. The most important reason is that the very top of organisations is insufficiently committed to driving executive L&D. The second edition of the St.Gallen Executive Education Report (SEER) examines how firms may simultaneously develop firm-wide strategic thinking, organisational capabilities, and individual top managers. 

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St.Gallen Executive Education Report – Increasing Effectiveness of Executive L&D in Organisations

Key Insights

Executive L&D faces a gap between importance and effectiveness: Executive L&D’s pivotal importance for organisational success is undisputed. However, its effectiveness is often undermined by financial limitations and a myopic focus on short-term goals. Tomorrow’s executives expect more advanced solutions, so firms need to become better at designing an effective executive L&D learning architecture. 

C-level commitment drives executive L&D effectiveness: The effectiveness of executive L&D is highest when top management is not only aware of but actively involved in shaping it. In addition, installing a dedicated C-level learning steward (e.g. Chief Learning Officer or equivalent) will further increase the impact of executive L&D. 

Technology-based learning is not executive L&D’s silver bullet: Venturing into online learning does not always pay off. Firms need to lay some crucial foundations first. Those include obtaining C-level commitment, formulating an executive L&D strategy and developing traditional, face-to-face learning formats. Only then can technology-based learning generate a measurable impact.

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