Women Back to Business 2021 - English

Current Modules

Skills Workshop III

8 November 2021, Zurich, Zurich Development Center, Keltenstrasse, Zurich

In this final Skills Workshop, you will work in small groups to sharpen your presentation skills – from preparing slides to taking center stage. With helpful feedback from your peers and coach, you will gain more confidence and be able to increase your presence and impact, whether in the spotlight or in the course of your daily business.

Dr. Mike J. Widmer, Founder & Managing Partner of Aalto AG Anneke Ludwig-Bakker, Programme Manager "Women Back to Business"



9 & 10 November 2021, Zurich, Zurich Development Center, Keltenstrasse, Zurich

During this module you will get an update on the most current tools and instruments in controlling and finance such as balance sheets, profit and loss statements, cash flow statements and financial key performance indicators.

Learning Objectives:

  • What are the most important financial data used to analyse company performance?
  • How to interpret financial data?
  • How are financial key performance indicators (KPI) linked to the business model?

Dr. Thorsten Truijens, Lecturer at the University of St. Gallen and several other international graduate and executive education programmes

Final Module, Part 1

22 & 23 November 2021

You will apply current management instruments and deepen managerial connections by working as a team to develop a concrete business plan. You and your team will continue to develop your business idea and submit a written business plan in early 2021. On a third module day in 2021, your team will present the results. The presentation together with the written business plan will be the basis to evaluate if you have passed the course and are eligible to receive the certificate.

Learning objectives:

  • Which trends influence different markets? Are there attractive market entry opportunities?
  • How do companies / organisations position themselves successfully in these markets?
  • Which products / services are attractive for the target groups? How do you successfully market these products / services?
  • What investments are required to build up a company? What does the budget of a fiscal year look like?
  • Which management instruments help with decision-making?

Dr. Ines Hartmann, Senior Project Manager, Competence Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, Forschungsstelle für Internationales Management, University of St. Gallen

Dr. Patricia Widmer, Programme Director for Diversity and Management Programmes, Executive School of Management, Technology & Law, University of St.Gallen


Internship/ Project Assignment

Part of the qualification to receive the certificate will be an internship or project assignment of a minimum of five days. This could be with a partner company, collaboration partner or with an organization of your choice. You apply independently.

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