Portrait Alexander Zimmermann

Prof. Dr.

Strategy & Organization


Alexander Zimmermann is Assistant Professor of Strategy and Organization at the Institute of Management (http://www.ifb.unisg.ch/). Furthermore, he leads the Center for Organizational Excellence (http://www.clvs.unisg.ch/core), a collaborative project of the universities of St. Gallen and Geneva and works as independent speaker, consultant, and coach for strategic and organizational topics. Beyond that, he is a member of the advisory board of an international family firm. Previously, he has worked in strategy consulting and the consumer goods industry, and was engaged in two start-up companies.

Alexander Zimmermann teaches growth and business models in the Master of Strategy and International Management (SIM) as well as in open and in-house programs on the executive education level. His research focuses on the intersection between strategies and their implementation in structures, processes, and leadership systems. In particularly, he studies how firms overcome the trade-offs between short-term success and long-term value creation in order to achieve sustainable and profitable growth. His research profile can be found on https://www.alexandria.unisg.ch/persons/person/Z/Alexander_Zimmermann.

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