Portrait Prof. Dr. Matthias Mitterlechner

Prof. Dr.

Head of Programme HBM School of Entrepreneurship
Co-Head HBM Healthcare Management Lab

As head of programme at the HBM School of Entrepreneurship (ES-HSG) Matthias Mitterlechner is co-responsible for the school’s certificate programmes on systemic healthcare management and co-heads the HBM Healthcare Management Lab. He also serves as Professor for Service Performance Management at the Institute for Accounting, Controlling and Auditing (ACA-HSG).

Matthias researches and teaches in the field of strategic and financial management of expert organizations and inter-organizational networks. A special empirical focus is the management of integrated, population-oriented healthcare. He publishes expert reports, practice-oriented papers and peer-reviewed scientific articles on this topic. He received his habilitation and doctorate from the University of St. Gallen and was a Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) visiting scholar at the University of California Los Angeles.

Previously, Matthias Mitterlechner worked for ten years in various business management roles for the Gesundheitszentrum Unterengadin, CEO UBS Switzerland and CEO UBS Global Wealth Management. Today, he accompanies healthcare organizations and networks in their strategic development.

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