Portrait Patricia Widmer


Programme Head "Women Back to Business"

Patricia Widmer studied business management with an emphasis in Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich. During her studies she worked at a leading global bank. After her graduation she joined a private bank as relationship manager. Together with her family she lived several years in the USA and Germany where she held responsible positions in many different volunteer organizations. After returning to Switzerland she completed her advanced studies at the ES-HSG ("Women Back to Business") and successfully returned to the workforce as relationship manager and Head of Human Resources at a small private bank.


Since October 2014 she has been working for the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law. First she was responsible to build up the English course of the programme "Women Back to Business" which was launched successfully in Spring 2016. Since Fall 2016 she has been leading both courses (English and German) in her capacity as Programme Head “Women Back to Business”. Since 2019 she is the Head of the Female Leaders Seminar. In addition, she is facilitating and moderating workshops as well as presentations and panels in the area of Diversity & Inclusion and unconscious bias. She is currently pursuing her doctorate on the topic of gender disparity, diversity management, unconscious bias and stereotypes.

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