Portrait Tobias Trütsch


Head of Economics Division


Tobias Trütsch holds a master degree in economics from the University of Berne and a PhD in international affairs and political economy with special focus on economics from the University of St. Gallen. His research interests are payment and monetary economics with special emphasis on innovative payment products and individual payment behavior.

Practical Experience

After gaining some practical experiences at UBS AG and Swisscom AG he has worked as a research assistant of Prof. em. Dr. Franz Jaeger at the Executive School of Management, Technology und Law (ES-HSG) since 2010. He has been head of programme of the executive programme «CAS Weiterbildung für Politik» since 2012 and head of the economics division since 2017, where he also conducts some research. He acts as a communication manager of the «Global Competitiveness Report», to which the ES-HSG contributes as a partner institute of the World Economic Forum.  Additionally, he is a lecturer on the assessment level (and more recently on the bachelor level) at the HSG.

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