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Career Relaunch 2019

Empowering Professional Mobility


Programme Description

«Career Relaunch 2019» - the conference devoted to empowering professional mobility. A place where business leaders, researchers and policy makers come together with highly qualified individuals seeking to re-enter the workforce or reposition themselves professionally.

«Career Relaunch 2019» is a platform for exchanging ideas and best practices and for expanding your professional network. Come hear about innovative returnship programmes in Switzerland and be inspired by success stories. Profit from panel discussions and make new contacts during the networking lunch.

Target Audience

  • Men and women with a degree from a university or university of applied sciences, who want to relaunch their careers or make a career transition.
  • Company representatives (SMEs and large corporations)
  • Non-profit organisations and universities
  • Public administration officials and policy makers



Start Dates
Number of ECTS Credits
Level of Experience
Senior Manager
Functional Manager
Functional Specialist
High Potential
Programme Type
Company representatives: CHF 180.-
Special Discounts
Representatives of non-profit organisations, associations and universities: CHF 100.-
Individuals: CHF 65.-
Networking lunch included
Credit Suisse Forum St. Peter in Zurich
Individual Modules Bookable
Flexible Entry
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Programme Benefits

For relaunchers and career transitioners:  

  • Find out about existing returnship programmes and meet potential employers.
  • Gather tips and advice for relaunching your career.
  • Be inspired by success stories and discover new possibilities.
  • Expand your professional network.

For business leaders, policy makers and researchers:

  • Exchange ideas and best practices with other companies and stakeholder groups.
  • Meet highly qualified and motivated individuals who are interested in relaunching their careers or making a professional transition.
  • Gain insights from existing returnship programmes in Switzerland and various success stories.
  • Present your company as an attractive employer.
  • Receive publicity as a participating company or organisation through our social media channels.
  • Advertise for job openings through our network after the conference.

Application Criteria


Content & Faculty

Empowering Professional Mobility

At «Career Relaunch 2019», companies will present their returnship programmes and professionals will share how they’ve succeeded in restarting their careers. A panel discussion will examine the topic of career relaunch from various stakeholder perspectives. As networking plays an immense role in advancing one’s career, participants will receive practical advice on how to network and make the most of every conversation. The concluding networking lunch will then provide an opportunity to apply what’s been heard and to make new contacts with representatives from the fields of business, policy making and research.


Welcome to Career Relaunch

08:30 – 09:00 a.m. Registration and Welcome Coffee


09:05 – 09:20 a.m.
Keynote: Dr. oec. Simon Wey, Chief Economist, Schweizerischer Arbeitgeberverband

Relaunch Made Easy I

09:20 – 10:20 a.m.
Many organisations recognize the potential of career relaunchers, as reflected in a variety of returnship programmes available in Switzerland:

  • Relaunch a Career in Research in the Natural Sciences or as an Engineer
    PSI Career Return Program
    Natalie Lerch-Pieper und Elena Marelli, Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI)

  • Supporting Companies in the Launch of a Returnship Programme
    Project at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts: "Supporting companies in setting up and implementing returnship programmes"
    Dr. Anina Hille and Evelin Bermudez, Co-Project Managers,
    Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts
  • Management Update for Women on the Move
    University of St.Gallen "Women Back to Business"
    Anneke Ludwig and Sarah Lenz
    , Executive School of Management, Technology & Law 
  • Relaunch your Career with an Internship
    City of Zurich "Returnships"
    Simon Dinkel and Evalotta Pettersson
    , both City of Zurich
  • Novartis “Returnship”
    Judith Leuenberger & Magali Boeckem, both Novartis
  • A Woman’s Perspective to Career Relaunch
    Credit Suisse Real ReturnsTM
    Rebecca Schraner and Rachel Roth-Huber
    , both Credit Suisse
  • Entering the Corporate World
    UBS Career Comeback
    Nisha Chopra, UBS

10:30 11:00 a.m. Coffee Break

Relaunch Made Easy II

11:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Discovering New Paths – in Recruitment and Team Composition

  • Finding New Ways to Make Teams More Diverse
    IKEA Reintegration Programme for People 45+
    Ina Rhöös
    , IKEA
  • Age does (not) matter.
    The Neustarter foundation gives employed professionals aged 49+ a chance to continue their education with an internship in a start-up
    Bernadette Höller, generational expert and managing director of the Neustarter foundation
  • A New Approach to Recruitment
    Café Pro
    Paola Falce, Co-Founder and President of «Café Pro»


11:30 – 11:40 a.m.
Three quarters of all jobs are never advertised, because they’re filled either internally or through a person’s network.  Are you a born networker?  Find out here.

  • Networking Part I
    Bianca Kux, Coaching & Training


11:40 a.m. – 12:40 p.m.

Could non-linear career paths be a competitive advantage?

Panel discussion and Q&A with prominent guests from business, research and politics. We’ll ask questions like: Is gender equality really a women’s issue? When does furthering your education make sense? How can men relaunch their careers? What does Recruitment 4.0 mean?

  • Paul Nagel, Senior Human Resources Manager, Zurich Airport
  • Prof. Dr. Gudrun Sander, Adjunct Professor for Business Administration with special emphasis on Diversity Management, University of St. Gallen / Expert on Diversity & Inclusion and founder of the «Women Back to Business» programme
  • Helena Trachsel, Head of the Office for the Equality of Men and Women, Department of Justice and the Interior, Canton of Zurich
  • Martijn Roseboom, Retail Banking Credit Suisse & Graduate of the Real Returns Program at Credit Suisse


  • Networking Part II
    12:40 – 12:50 p.m.
    Bianca Kux, Coaching & Training

Informed. Inspired.

  • Concluding Remarks
    12:50 – 1:00 p.m.
    Patricia Widmer, Executive School of Management, Technology & Law 

Eat. Discuss. Network.

Networking Lunch (included in admission price) until 2:00 p.m.


The conference «Career Relaunch 2019» is designed to foster dialogue between leaders of business, policy making and research as well as highly qualified men and women who seek to relaunch their careers after a break or make a professional transition.
Patricia Widmer, Head "Career Relaunch 2019"
Patricia Widmer
Head "Career Relaunch 2019"
Any way you look at it, supporting women in their career relaunch makes sense. The impact of skills shortages on the job market or the social security gaps that result from part-time work or an unsuccessful career relaunch are well-documented problems. We need “Career Relaunch 2019”!
Helena Trachsel, Head of the Office for the Equality of Men and Women, Department of Justice and the Interior, Canton of Zurich
Helena Trachsel
Head of the Office for the Equality of Men and Women, Department of Justice and the Interior, Canton of Zurich
The diversity of our organization and its occupational groups presents us with both opportunities and challenges. We need to find new and innovative paths of recruitment in order to meet these challenges. The Career Relaunch conference is one of these, bringing together talented individuals with professional and life experience.
Paul Nagel, Senior HR Manager, Zurich Airport
Paul Nagel
Senior HR Manager, Zurich Airport

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