Data Protection in Switzerland and the EU

Manage Privacy and Data Governance


Programme Description

This interactive one-week programme is designed to provide an opportunity for participants to develop their understanding of data protection law by looking at contemporary issues and case studies in daily lectures and interactive workshops. Each workshop allows participants to consider and discuss data protection law issues using different perspectives (including critical and subjective approaches) and different themes for example Technology, Management, and Business.

Target Audience

Individuals from the private and public administration sectors who want to acquire practice-related, interdisciplinary expert knowledge, and in particular: DPO candidates, Employees of compliance and legal departments, Privacy practitioners, Auditors, IT managers and specialists, Information security officers and IT auditors or other individuals who work at the interface of law or technology and are responsible for the processing of personal data to ensure compliance with data protection law and rules.


Start Dates
5 days
Number of ECTS Credits
Level of Experience
Functional Manager
Functional Specialist
Programme Type
CHF 4200
Weiterbildungszentrum Holzweid, Universität St.Gallen
Individual Modules Bookable
Flexible Entry
Programme Language

Content & Faculty

  • Introduction to the framework and context in which the Law of Switzerland and the EU has developed their legislative framework and institutions
  • Learn to understand the Data Protection principles and rules, extraterritoriality of the EU Law in Switzerland, values and legal Dilemmas
  • Develop comparative thinking and evaluation of data protection compliance in different areas of industry in Switzerland
  • Get to know the conceptual tools to understand the international transfer of personal data and other global privacy laws

Further information

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