Managing Privacy and Data Security - Data Protection Officer (DPO-HSG)

Understand data protection and its implications for your business with this part-time, multi-level executive education programme.


Programme Description

Data protection matters have become a regular topic for SMEs as well as for executive committees in big companies. Due to the robustness of technical advancement and social change in response to digital transformation, the security of personal data is now a worldwide serious challenge. Combined with the increased data privacy demands of individuals, many Swiss companies acknowledge data privacy as a competitive advantage. The compromising of sensitive personal and also business data such as financial, intellectual property, and other privileged information is an event that no business wants to experience.

We offer an encompassing and up-to-date executive programme for professionals to develop their understanding of data protection law by looking at contemporary issues in daily lectures and interactive workshops.

As we ensure that the DPO-HSG Programme remains relevant to professional practice, we also look at the issues raised by common technologies and services such as AI, IoT, electronic communications, cloud computing, and mobile services, among many others.

Target Audience

This programme is aimed at individuals who are exposed to or engage with data protection topics on a regular basis and who wish to quickly gain a solid and comprehensive understanding of the field and deepen their expertise in a broad range of areas. It combines condensed training in the fundamentals of data protection and privacy law with a subsequent intensive learning phase in which participants gain further expertise.

Working in both the private sector and public administration, as there is no specific industry focus. This includes employees responsible for processing personal data and complying with data protection laws and standards. This programme is recommended for the following people:

  • Compliance and legal professionals
  • Data protection practitioners and specialists
  • DPO candidates or newly appointed DPOs
  • IT managers, officers and specialists
  • Information security managers, officers and specialists Risk management professionals
  • Auditors and controllers
  • Marketing managers and professionals
  • Consultants
  • Managing directors


Start Dates
15 days
Number of ECTS Credits
Level of Experience
Senior Manager
Functional Manager
Functional Specialist
High Potential
Programme Type
CHF 12'700.-
St.Gallen, Zürich und online
Individual Modules Bookable
Flexible Entry
Programme Language


Key Features and Hightlights of the DPO-HSG Programme

An interdisciplinary and interactive programme for practitioners based on four separate modules designed to meet your individual needs and take your level of data protection knowledge into account.

Guided journey: foundational knowledge with relevant deep dives
Expertise: over 30 international speakers from 10 countries
Impact: transfer knowledge into practice

Broad coverage: basics of Swiss and international law
Interdisciplinary: legal, regulatory, technology and management
Modular: modules can be completed individually
Flexible: start with any module at your preferred time
Part-time: no interruption of you professional career
Blended learning: modules take place on site and online


Programme Benefits

Recognised: collect ECTS points and expand your studies
Life-long-learning: stay up to date with regular refreshers
Networking: get to know your peers and learn about their challenges

Course Structure

DPO Grafik_Oktober 2021

Content & Faculty

Fundamentals of Data Protection (5 days)

In this interactive one-week programme, participants will learn the fundamentals and develop a comprehensive overview of data protection law and regulations. The learning is enhanced by looking at current issues and working on case studies as part of daily lectures and practical workshops. Expertise and self-confidence are increased when it comes to assessing data protection issues from different perspectives and discussing relevant challenges with experts.

Module 1 is ideal in particular for those with a non-legal background who are interested in building a quick and solid foundation in the area of data protection and privacy law. This module can be booked as a single module.

Data as an asset, data as a right (3 days)

Participants will gain the cross-functional expertise necessary to carry out their role more effectively. This module provides a legal perspective on management programmes, IT execution and other relevant areas. Participants are equipped with relevant information and tools for specific situations and will learn effective ways of complying with data subject rights.

Data Governance (4 days)

In this four-day programme, participants will gain knowledge and expertise regarding the professional implementation of legal regulations and documentation processes. They will also obtain practical information about the international transfer of personal data, how to set up processes for privacy programme governance and how to handle a data breach.

Data Security (3 days)

Participants will learn to understand and engage critically with their practical knowledge and handling of data and cybersecurity. They are equipped with mechanisms for implementing security principles by becoming familiar with the fundamentals of cybersecurity and related technical measures, and will be encouraged to engage with their own role in privacy and security matters as a leader in their workplace.

The fourth module of the DPO-HSG programme is an interactive three-day session.


Here, you can find all the speakers.

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This course was a game changer for me as it led me directly to getting a job. Moreover, the great level of discussion enables to drive debates to a deep level of questioning and studies and that is of amazing value. I have a lot to learn and the course showered me with plenty of rich ways to do it!
Maria Fiori
Maria Fiori
Data Governance Champion, Cembra Money Bank
Der Kurs ist ein gut geführter und professioneller Mix aus Wissensvermittlung und praktischen Einblicken durch hochkarätige Referenten und Kursteilnehmer, die interessante Erkenntnisse und Erfahrungen aus verschiedenen Unternehmen weitergeben. Mit verschiedenen Zertifizierungen nach Industriestandards in den Bereichen Informationssicherheit, Audit und Datenschutz war die Weiterbildung hervorragend und resultierte nicht nur in einem Diplomabschluss.
Finn Holmegaard
Finn Holmegaard
Senior IT Risk und Audit Manager, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG
Als sehr aktuelles und sich rasant weiterentwickelndes Rechtsgebiet ist Datenschutz für uns alle von grosser Bedeutung. Für einen vielfältigen Zugang, sowohl zu vertiefter Theorie als auch durch die Arbeit an Praxisbeispielen, sorgen die hervorragenden DPO-Experten. Der persönliche Austausch mit ihnen und den Kursteilnehmenden sowie die methodische Herangehensweise übertrafen meine Erwartungen und ermöglichen es mir, mich in diesem zukunftsweisenden Gebiet ideal zu positionieren.
Joanna Gautier-Lambert
Joanna Gautier-Lambert
Hitachi Energy Switzerland, Senior Contract Manager, Compliance and Data Privacy Officer
Es ist nicht einfach, die Art von Informationen abzudecken, die für Fachleute im Bereich Datenschutz und Privatsphäre relevant sind. Die Struktur des Kurses war jedoch klar, logisch und effektiv, und er wird in einer prägnanten und strategischen Weise von Experten gehalten, die uns geholfen haben, aus der Komplexität ein Grad an Klarheit zu entwickeln, der für die Navigation in diesem Bereich erforderlich ist.
Baroum Mrad
Baroum Mrad
Head of the Data Protection and Privacy Office, EOC, Bellinzona

Why HSG?

Executive education at the University of St.Gallen (HSG), one of Europe's leading business universities, provides you with an optimal preparation for the future. The University of St.Gallen is more than just an educational institution; it is a place of inspiration that stimulates you to think. You will acquire up-to-date knowledge that is of great practical relvance, and gain valuable insights. This will enable you to make an important contribution to social and economic progress and to your own personal development. "From insight to impact" is not just our message; it is a promise against which we can be measured. 

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