The speed of teams has changed in order to work across networks virtual and/or face to face in order to deliver to new demands, channels and markets.  As the business world becomes increasingly complex and more remote, we need to adapt how and when we test our ideas, collaborate, communicate and execute keeping the team engaged and productive. How do we keep up team productivity in a VUCA environment? How to have an agile: company, leadership, operating model and ways of working?  Agile design thinking?

Preparing citizens for future challenges

Academic Papers on Leadership

«Agile» has become the way. While many tools exist to apply agile work methods, what agile means for leaders and their leadership behaviour is much less clear. Have a look at which agile leadership practices are being endorsed by different Academic Journals.

- Putting entrepreneurial intentions into context: Regional institutions and the intention-behaviour link

- Agility Areas of Action in Finance IT: A Memorandum

- Towards a technique for modeling new forms of collaborative work practices- The facilitation Process Model 2.0

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The new reality
Data Protection during the Corona pandemic
Acceleration trap: myths vs. reality of speed
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