Excel in uncertainty
Most of us hate uncertainty, yet we encounter it in business more and more, especially in new and rapidly growing fields like digitalization. Managers are constantly asking themselves: Am I investing in the right solution? Despite trying to make a decision in the midst of too many unknowns or battling that gut feeling of being underprepared, we have tools that can support you.

Operating in a VUCA world

Get insights into an experiential leadership simulation on ways to operate under uncertain conditions.

Overcoming Uncertainty

We created a three-day custom training programme on digital transformation for a private equity firm and its portfolio companies, which made up for an interesting mix of backgrounds and different stages regarding digital transformation. The holding firm makes strategic investments in successful small- to medium-sized manufacturing firms. The goal was to convey methods and approaches for the development of a digital strategy, digital business models, and digital product ideas, all under consideration of the status quo within the manufacturers as well as the holding firm.

Throughout the programme, the participants received inputs and ultimately applied the knowledge hands-on in group work sessions, where they worked on projects from their own companies. In addition to providing methods for developing a digital strategy, the participants therefore kick-started several digital initiatives. A challenge of this workshop lay in the heterogeneous digitization states of the participating firms and the resulting broad spectrum of encountered issues which had to be addressed in this context.

Mental Balance

Diego Hangartner on the interplay between mind and performance.

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