Holistic Leadership
In turbulent times, the need for good leadership continues to grow. Simultaneously, self-leadership is of ever-increasing value. But there are other factors that drive leadership performance. Leadership development is at the forefront of what we do in St.Gallen, not only on the individual level, but on the organizational and cultural level as well.

Convergence Leadership

Building and leading convergence settings demands leaders that are able to collaborate with heterogeneous partners and different industry backgrounds as well as expertise.

Innovation in today’s world is no longer driven within companies’ R&D departments. Today innovation happens at the frontier of previously separated and independent industries, between «big» and «small», in contexts that differ largely from traditional ways to drive innovation. We call this «industry convergence». Having taken a European Pharma Champion to one of Europe’s best start-up metropoles, we brought together «big pharma» with small start-ups to discuss approaches, collaboration and ways to look at innovation in unconventional ways: convergence «live».

Get insights about the leadership principles of convergence settings – talk with us.  

Convergence Leadership

Organisational Energy

Heike Bruch on how to measure collective energy within your company in order to give executives a leadership tool for engagement.

Leading the fourth industrial revolution

Explore whether you have the skillset as a leader of the fourth industrial revolution.

Transformational Leadership & Self Management

The 4 I’s of transformational leadership & the new self-leadership-framework

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