Organisation Effectiveness Journeys

What do we do?

We equip and lead your management teams in learning journeys with our 41 institues and competence centers that act as building blocks for your learning journey to develop your business capabilities and the mindset shift needed to execute your strategy.

  1. Learning for business outcomes
  2. Learning regarding behaviour, culture & change
  3. Learning regarding process & technological change

Transformation doesn’t require consultants! It requires a sense of the pain or benefit to create the conditions for the necessary change. Successful learning creates that sense, and transform the mindset, behavior and capability required. Some of our successful methods transforming the way that we learn:

  1. Ecosystem or not for profit missions 
  2. Live faculty sessions
  3. Recorded expert faculty nuggets
  4. Peer to peer coaching
  5. Team coaching
  6. Virtual labs
  7. Virtual team ‘enquiry’ 
  8. Virtual team ‘solution’ building 
  9. Virtual team ‘impact mapping’
  10. Virtual break out sessions 
  11. Virtual fish bowls
  12. Virtual or asynchronous learning
  13. Pod teaming
Virtual team



                                       Impact Initiatives

Amcor: Lead to outperform
Orion: Excel in Uncertainty
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