Self and Servant Leadership

Leadership today more than ever starts with knowing and leading YOURSELF before you effectively 'SERVE' others as a leader. What is your purpose? How do you help the team find their purpose? How does one effectively deal with uncertainty? How to ensure an optimal level of focus? How does one make a decision in a crisis? 

servant leadership
Self and Servant Leadership
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Thomas Zweifel: Leading through Language

Convergence Leadership

Building and leading convergence settings demands leaders that are able to collaborate with heterogeneous partners and different industry backgrounds as well as expertise.

Innovation in today’s world is no longer driven within companies’ R&D departments. Today innovation happens at the frontier of previously separated and independent industries, between «big» and «small», in contexts that differ largely from traditional ways to drive innovation. We call this «industry convergence». Having taken a European Pharma Champion to one of Europe’s best start-up metropoles, we brought together «big pharma» with small start-ups to discuss approaches, collaboration and ways to look at innovation in unconventional ways: convergence «live».

Convergent leadership
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