Upskilling Journey

What do we do?

We equip your people with knowledge and contextual learning that upskills them.

  1. Leadership Programs
  2. Talent Programs
  3. Knowledge and Up-skilling Programs

What are the future skills necessary to compete and grow? What is my personal capability gap? What skills do I need for the future of work? How do I equip my people? How do I grow the necessary capabilities?

Each journey is custom curated; some are asynchronous and others synchronous. The University of St. Gallen takes the expertise from 41 institutes and competence centers acting as building blocks to create custom journeys from insight to impact for the future skills. We select the right didactic that impacts the type of learning required and business transformation. Talk to us about impactful learning, transforming the way we learn. Below are just some of our didactics:

  1. Virtual faculty sessions
  2. Recorded expert faculty nuggets
  3. Faculty customized podcasts 
  4. Peer to peer coaching
  5. Personalized quizzes
  6. Exercises for reflection 
  7. Exercises that build the habit
  8. Immersive virtual reality (VR)
  9. Virtual break out sessions
  10. Virtual fish bowls
  11. Virtual or asynchronous pod teaming 
  12. Full face to face modules or blended

Below you will also find an example of a Learning journey, connecting the different didactics.


Future of Skills White Paper

Besides facilitating the Learning Journey for our clients, we also recently published a White Paper on the Future of Skills. Thereby we focused on two main aspects, namely:

Decomposing the terminology in the new context for your organisation.

Enabling your people to make sense of the upskill with pragmatic tools.


Have a read through the White Paper on the Future of Skills here

Future of Work
Learning Journey

                                                                                SAP Top Talent

fit for future

                                                                                       Ecowas GIZ

fit for future

                                                                                   ABB FinCamp

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