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Effective Direction and Control of International Companies and Organizations

New Corporate and Subsidiary Governance to Develop Board Effectiveness


Programme Description

Experienced and new members of the Board of Directors learn to use new proven tools for the direction and control of international companies, organisations and their subsidiaries.

Target Audience

Chairpersons and members of the boards of directors and the managing boards of international companies and international organizations.


Start Dates
2 days
Application Deadline
Number of ECTS Credits
Level of Experience
Programme Type
Short Seminar
CHF 1900.-
Hotel Royal, Geneva
Individual Modules Bookable
Flexible Entry
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This Board Seminar will aim to apprise chairpersons and members of the boards of directors and the managing boards of international companies and organizations about the latest developments and important trends of Corporate and Subsidiary Governance. Participants will also benefit from new tools to develop board effectiveness.

Programme Benefits

To get familiar with the entrepreneurial and legal dimensions of Corporarte and Subsidiary Governance of international companies and organizations including new tools for the strategic direction and control at the board level.

Course Structure

Session I: November 1, 2019

  • New Corporate and NPO Governance:
    The Board as a Change Agent
    The Board as a Direction Setting Body
    The Board as a Team
    Teh Board as a Controlling Body
  • Governance of Digitalization
  • Strategic Direction:
    Owner Strategy by the Shareholders
    Strategic Directives by the Board of Directors
    Strategic Management by the Executive Board


Session II: November 2, 2019

  • HR Governance:
    Nomination of BoD an CEO
    Performance Review of BoD and CEO
    Remuneration of BoD and CEO
    Succession Planning of BoD and CEO
  • Best Practice Cases:
    NGO Governance: The WEF Case
    Corporate Governance: The Nestlé Case
  • Strategic Control:
    Direction and Control of Change at the Board Level
    Strategic Control at the Board Level
    Ethical and Legal Compliance
    Board Audit

Content & Faculty

Pierre Bongard,
Chairman of the Audit Committees of Barclays Bank (Suisse) SA and Dukascopy Bank SA, former Partner of KPMG

Professor Martin Hilb,
Chairman of the Board Foundation and its International Center for Corporate Governance, President of the Swiss Institute of Directors

Professor Michael Hilb,
Entrepreneur - DBP Holding Ltd, Titular Professor at the University of Fribourg

Dr. Hans Jöhr,
Corporate Head of Agriculture of Nestlé SA, former President of the IFAMA (International Food and Agribusiness Management Association)

Professor Harry Korine,
Adjunct Professor of Strategy at INSEAD and Lecturer of Corporate Governance at London Business School

Professor Roland Müller,
Chairman of Financial Market Authorities of Liechtenstein, Titular Professor at the Universities of Berne and St.Gallen

Alois Zwinggi,
Member of the Managing Board and Head of the Global Centre for Cyber Security, World Economic Forum (WEF)


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